About Us

Neeraj Granites is an independent supplier of Granite and other products in Madurai which is situated in state of Tamil Nadu in India. We are top notch suppliers of Granite slabs, countertops and a broad range of high stones, tiles etc. (About us) moreover, we also supply Limestone, State Mosaics, Granite and Marble Decorative and numerous more products. It supplies a broad range of high stones, tiles. We are reputed and renowned in our industrial domain for our supreme quality products and take pride for their reliability in their area of concern. Through the years we have developed an outstanding rapport with major stone producers around the world.

We (Neeraj Granites) are the producers and suppliers of Granites, Marbles, Countertops, and Tiles. Our factories are is situated in Madurai, Tamilnadu in India. We supply more different varities and designs of Granites slabs, Marbles, Tiles. We have best quality and also cheaper quality of materials. We supply more granite to the foreign countries. We also supply Lime stones, Sandstones, Mosaics, Slabs, Blocks and more products. We are supplying more products around the world.

Neeraj Granites is a small and modest company with Head Office at Madurai in South India which is part and Heart of the (most popular colors for exports) Granite Production in India. . We are Producing, Processing, Procuring, Further processing the granites and other stones as per the designs and specifications of our clients. Satisfaction of the clients is as always, First and Foremost priority for us. We are in business also as usual to make money but that is something not everything. We do not produce and process everything we sell, that is not being viable or rather impossible, if anybody claim so, please check the veracity.

Established by Mr. NK Goyal in 2002, today Neeraj Granites is today one amongst most reckoned suppliers of a variety of granite solutions. We deliver superior quality products at market leading prices along with reliable logistics and they are our strongest attivo commercio of being an eminent enterprise.

Mr. NK Goyal is the founder of our factory. Our Granite Factory was established in 2002. Today our granite factory is one of the best granite factories in India. We supply the products in superior market prices along with reliable logistics.

Our company was Established 12years back that is in 2002. Our aim is to do our best in spite of all the hurdles and inefficiencies prevalent in our system due to widespread corruption in our country. We have a track record of finishing all the projects we have undertaken within the prescribed time and we are very much enthusiastic about this. So we consider our best achievement is to be as perfect as possible regarding material, processing and timing. As per the buyers requirements and stipulations.

We have a highly qualified, skilled and experienced team of professionals which delivers excellence to our esteemed clientele. They interact with the clients and create a systematic plan; then they finalize and fabricate the steps to be taken to reflect sheer excellence.

We have highly qualified, skilled and experienced labourers. We deliver the products in right time to the customers. Our factory members will have kind interactions with the clients and create a systematic plans according to their needs.

We allow and motivate our skilled and experienced staff and workers to come out with their best by providing them independence of thought and action. Promoting in reality the best innovations and cost effective processing getting the overall excellence specifically to the degree required.

Being a customer, you can entirely rely on us for unbeatable knowledge and experience to guide you as we are adroit in imbricating our products and services as per your requirements with our high standard in quality, workmanship and good prices.

Being a customer, you can entirely believe us and have experience about our products and services.

We aspire to gain the reliability and credibility from our clients on the base of our knowledge and experience. With genuinely and sincerity for the betterment of materials and workmanship resulting in the best possible results in projects

Knowledge and experience all the people have working for a long time in any field. We aspire to gain the reliability and credibility from our customers on the base of our sincerity with our products and services

We aspire to be reliable and credible for our customers on the base of genuine and sincere use of our knowledge and experience for the betterment of overall improvement in products and services.