Logistics & Exports


Material Handling & Logistics Department

 Crates ready for loading

Neeraj Granites gets wooden crates with good quality, chemically treated seasoned wood as per the International regulations. The crates & the containers are being fumigated before dispatch as per International Fumigation Standards ISPM – 15

Packaging of large granite slabs, large marble slabs, large quartzite slabs: Large Indian Marble Slabs and Large Indian Granite Slabs are separated individually by plastic sheets to protect against scratches & well packed in wooden crates/pallets/bundles. Polished Faces of Indian marbles & Indian Granites are properly covered, and we take all necessary steps to ensure that polished granite slabs and polished marble slabs reach safely to their destinations.

 Regular Crates stacked inside a container

First of all surface of each slab/tile is protected by using a thin polythene sheet while tightly stacking them in a wooden crate. This protects the polished surface of stones from scratching due to abrasion of dust particles between two tiles.

 “A” Crates stacked inside a container 

Each wooden crate is first in-lined with thin polythene sheet to protect the “stones” from staining from wooden planks or from any other feature, then it is in-lined with thermocol sheet along horizontal planks to protect natural stones against damage from wooden planks or nails. This is a fundamental preliminary packing used for all our wooden crates irrespective of the type of stone packed.

 Tiles packed in cardboard crates

Packaging of 10mm or 15mm tiles which are very thin to break: 6-10 such tiles are first packed in cardboard boxes. These boxes are then tightly stacked in the wooden crate. Cardboard boxes provide additional cushion to the thin tiles and prevent them from breakage.

 Tiles stacked inside a container

We are among the few Indian Slate company & Granite export oriented units, which can load both open top and closed top 20feet containers, with ability to load a closed top container using “C – clamps”, its striking advantage being a more secure transportation coupled with the minimum possible freight charges.


With the widest range of colors and shades to choose from; we are a natural choice for importers of granite slabs and tiles from across the world. We believe that our customers are our most valuable asset. And our endeavour to build ourselves into an international brand propels us in our drive to serve you better.

Having some colors liked everywhere in the world like Black Galaxy/Star Galaxy range of Black (Nero), Red, White, Brown, Blue, and Green. We export almost to all parts of the world. That is rather impossible if we do not consider customer is the king, so most valuable asset for us. It is our unflinching desire to be and do better and better and better.

Our technical infrastructure is amongst the best in the industry; and our delivery schedules and logistics strive to meet your requirements.

We are never short of technical infrastructure required for our projects and more than that we are never short of will which provides the way not only to us to everybody else whosoever is really interested.

We have successfully executed orders to the following countries.

Country Flag
Albania Albania
Austria Austria
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Colombia Colombia
Egypt Egypt
Germany Germany
Holland Netherlands
Japan Japan
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Kuwait Kuwait
Libya Libya
Mexico Mexico
Pakistan Pakistan
Poland Poland
South Korea South Korea
Turkey Turkey
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

We are exploring possibilities of exporting to the following countries. And would be privileged to consider and executed any enquiries from the following markets.

Country Flag
Algeria Algeria
Australia Australia
Belgium Belgium
Canada Canada
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Denmark Denmark
France France
Greece Greece
Lebonan Lebanon
Libya Libya
Nigeria Nigeria
Qatar Qatar
Russia Russian Federation
Switzerland Swaziland
USA United States of America(USA)


Choosing Your Counter top Edge

Choosing you edge may seem like a personal preference, but choosing a countertop edge can have a big impact on cleaning, liquid spills, crumb pick up, and other little daily chores that you probably wouldn’t think of when making this type of decision. But, they are all factors. We will go through a quick overview of each kind of edge, so you can make a more educated decision on choosing a countertop edge — not based purely on looks.

The edges shown below do not represent every edge Evolution is capable of. During your visit to our showroom one of our granite specialists will help you finalize your edge style decision.

Bullnose Edge:

Any type of bullnose shape on a countertop edge will make wiping crumbs a bit more difficult. We’re sure you may have experienced this! A bullnose is a good shape for safety concerns, as it’s rounded edge makes bumping into it less dangerous, and less painful.

Eased Edge:

An eased countertop edge is easy to wipe crumbs from. Like the name implies, it is chiseled to create a softer edge than a completely square one, which prevents “ouchies” from accidentally running into it. Having a softened edge to a square countertop also greatly reduces chances of chipping or breaking, which is more common with square edges.

Beveled Edge:

Beveled edge countertops are considered slightly outdated by most people; although it is everyones personal preference. A beveled edge is a fancy leveled square design. Beveled edges usually lack curvature in their designs.

Other Edges:

Other countertops edges are basically your preference in design and look. If your family has children, or you are concerned with safety, a more rounded edge design like a bullnose or ogee may be more practical. In conclusion, the more intricate design there is, usually leads to more complicated cleaning with more nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide. Intricate designs in countertop edges also leads to higher fabrication costs.