We Export

With the widest range of colors and shades to choose from; we are a natural choice for importers of granite slabs and tiles from across the world. We believe that our customers are our most valuable asset. And our endeavour to build ourselves into an international brand propels us in our drive to serve you better.

Having some colors liked everywhere in the world like Black Galaxy/Star Galaxy range of Black (Nero), Red, White, Brown, Blue, and Green. We export almost to all parts of the world. That is rather impossible if we do not consider customer is the king, so most valuable asset for us. It is our unflinching desire to be and do better and better and better.

Our technical infrastructure is amongst the best in the industry; and our delivery schedules and logistics strive to meet your requirements.

We are never short of technical infrastructure required for our projects and more than that we are never short of will which provides the way not only to us to everybody else whosoever is really interested.

We have successfully executed orders to the following countries.



Country Flag
Albania Albania
Austria Austria
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Colombia Colombia
Egypt Egypt
Germany Germany
Holland Netherlands
Japan Japan
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Kuwait Kuwait
Libya Libya
Mexico Mexico
Pakistan Pakistan
Poland Poland
South Korea South Korea
Turkey Turkey
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates




We are exploring possibilities of exporting to the following countries. And would be privileged to consider and executed any enquiries from the following markets.



Country Flag
Algeria Algeria
Australia Australia
Belgium Belgium
Canada Canada
Costa Rica Costa Rica
Denmark Denmark
France France
Greece Greece
Lebonan Lebanon
Libya Libya
Nigeria Nigeria
Qatar Qatar
Russia Russian Federation
Switzerland Swaziland
USA United States of America(USA)